“I don’t create sculptures, sculptures have already been exist in those stones. I am just taking out the etcetras’’ Michelangelo.

He is a master who has the ability to give life to the stones, however we are just the apprencites watching him with admiration after centuries.

Our brand which took its inspiration from the layers of geography in which we were born, Laodikeia, ancient city fascinates with its glory, started its journey in 2006. History, culture and art; mastery of experience met the opportunities of technology in Laodikeia. From different types of marble to travertine; from limestone to onyx; the mysterious World and layers of natural stone, the uniqueness of each stone has become our passion. Our journey and products came to life by following this passion in different parts of the World. Today, we have the pride and the responsibility of bringing together our products and services in different geographies by exporting into 16 countries in 5 continents in pleasure.

Respecting the living things, environment and protecting the life became our principle in this journey which we adopted innovation,design and quality as brand values.

We would like to introduce our catalogue including classic pieces of our carved stone and new products that young designer Tugce Saylan created . We wish you would enjoy.

Our Mision

Laodikeia adds a unique value to natural stone focused on design and experience; is an innovative marble manufacturer and brand that offers original products that stimulate the senses, creative solutions for its customers, employees and the environment it affects, and is passionately connected. It aims to be a pioneer in the sector in the concept of designed natural stone.

Our Vision

Laodicea's vision; as a design, production and organization center, it is to be a well-known, loved and preferred brand in the field of marble-based decoration through innovative products and different concepts.
It aims to be a value-added organization to its sector at home and abroad.

Our Values

  • Design oriented
  • Nourished by history and art
  • A craftsman who owns experience, mastery and hand labor
  • Original
  • Innovator
  • Professional
  • Pioneer
  • Quality and fast in production and service
  • Customer-oriented
  • Warm, sincere, cheerful
  • Environmentalist
  • Thoughtful, sensitive, feel special